Credits & Special Thanks is a passion project of Jamie Kite. She's been designing and developing websites for 21 years, and has been using the Fertility Awareness Method for 13 years. She lives in Durham, NC with her husband and their dog Chester.

This site was funded in part by Relevance, Inc. via its 20% Time benefit. Want to learn more about this brilliant company and what it can do to help your business solve hard problems with proven process and smart, cutting-edge solutions?

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Much of the research that went into this project came from the stellar book by Toni Weschler, Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's the resource I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about Fertility Awareness or female reproductive health in general.

This project uses Google Web Fonts for beautiful typography served from Google's CDN. Without it, you'd be staring at the same fonts you were stuck with in Microsoft Word 1995. Thank you, Google, for bringing the fonts to this party. We promise to bring the deviled eggs and frosted brownies to yours.

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